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Dedicated to the mission of promoting the Guernsey cow and supporting Guernsey breeders across Pennsylvania, the US, and the world.
Our members believe in the value of Guernsey genetics, Goldern Guernsey products, and our fellow Guernsey breeders.
We represent a network of youth, producers, and enthusiasts involved in promoting Guernseys.

Sniders Super Lux Andee

Sniders Super Lux Andee
Showing as a Sr. 2 in 2014
Bred by Sniders Homestead Farm
Top of the 2014 Blue Halter Sale selling for $13700

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2014 PGBA Dates To Remember :

PA Youth Applications Due ~ April 10th

PA State Convention Meal Reservations Due ~ April 17th

PA State Convention ~ Bedford, PA ~ April 25-26

Quiz Bowl Practice ~ Tyrone, PA ~May 17th

AGA Youth Public Speaking & Display Board Applications Due ~ June 1st

AGA National Convention ~ Lacrosse, WI ~ June 25-30

Ag Progress Days Milk Shake Stand ~ August 12-14

All-American Dairy Show ~ September 13-18


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